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    How can I edit my Ad?

    Edits for postings are self-service.  Go to your profile, select the listing you want to edit, click "edit" and save your changes.

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    How can I edit my  Profile/Account?

    Click on the upper right navigation bar. It will direct you to the top of your profile to choose an option. It's pretty easy to understand and get the hang of it as you use more often.

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    Can I search Ads?

    Yes of course! You can always search for Ads. It's viewable to the public. The only time you have to sign up is when you want to post.

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    How soon does my Ad expire?

    30 days, unless you have a feature recurring monthly ad on the homepage.

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    How can I delete my Ad?

    You can delete anytime. Please note, all postings are automatically deleted upon expiration or 30 days. Go to your profile, select the listing you want to delete, click "delete" 

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    How do I create my FREE Ad on FindersPage?

     Easy to do! Just click on the  (Post Here) tab. Choose a category that fits you best and add details.

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    How do I join FindersPage?

    Simple click on the (Sign up it's Free) tab or login bar. There it will direct you to join FP to create a quick account, so you may post your first Ad.

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    How do I turn off messages from other members?

    Go to your profile, click "settings" go to "notifications" and click Chatting off.

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    Adding my location and using the search tab?

    You do not have to add your address in your listing, but it is recommended that you add your City and State so people can find your listing when they use the search box.

    To add your City and State, simply type it down in the body of your listing.

    To use the search tab, simply just add the city and state to help find your listing quicker or look under the categories. 

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    Making your account private?

    To make your account private:

    Go to your profile.

    Click on the hamburger menu on the right corner of the profile cover.

    Click "make account private"

    Note: your listings will become private as well.

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    How do I achieve an assign Badge ?

    Members that Advertise on the Feature Home page will receive a Golden Star badge. Coming Soon!

    Note: Right now since the site is still new everyone that post under the categories at least once will get one as a Thank You!

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