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About FindersPage

FindersPage is a self service website designed for members to find, create posts, and network. With a goal to develop our community and help each other grow. A user friendly,  easy platform to use without any distractions, and drama free. A safe place where everyone is equal. We believe platforms are to be used to network, inspire, heal, and most of all promote your brand. Our mission is to give back by helping you save money. Everything will be verified before being published. No likes are allowed and connections are only viewable to the members itself. This is not a competition or to boost your ego. However, views are only viewable to the members for their insights and analytics. Blogs are inspirational and positive. Politics and news will be prohibited. We are here to support each other and spread the love. We will continue to strive to better serve you and make a difference globally one day at a time.



Find it on FindersPage!

Brenda Pond

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